Raiola: Mirabelli Problem Main Milan

Raiola: Mirabelli Problem Main Milan

Mino Raiola alleged that AC Milan sporting director Massimiliano Mirabelli was the real issue of clubbing and using Gianluigi Donnarumma to attack him.

Because the relationship with the club’s club was heating up lately. This is prompted by news that Raiola plans to cancel the young team’s newly signed summer goalkeeper contract this summer due to psychological pressure.

And Mirabelli himself earlier in an interview condemned Raiola which he thinks is the culprit in Donnarumma’s chaotic contract with Milan.

“Mirabelli has a personal problem with me and used Donnarumma to attack me. I will not bother the media circus, nor do I want this to affect Gigio, “Raiola told local media.

“I will reply to Mirabelli in the right situation and the right moment. Donnarumma has nothing to do with this, he made no mistake, so it was not right to use him to fight against me. “